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Nolene Sherman

Nolene Sherman

Nolene Sherman

Corporate Records Manager

Nolene Sherman is the Corporate Records Manager for an international corporation in the insurance sector. She received her bachelor's degree in Business Administration, graduating summa cum laude from National University. Nolene has been a Records Manager since 1996, and has created the records management program from scratch for three companies: a regional retail center, a national homebuilder that operated in 7 states, and for domestic operations of an international company with a presence in all 50 states.

Nolene is a member of ARMA International, serving her local Chapter in multiple capacities, including Chapter President. She has been awarded Chapter Member of the Year, Chapter Leader of the Year and Website of the Year several times. She has been a speaker at local chapter meetings, and at regional conferences. She co-presented a session on records management at the 2013 IAAP National Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Nolene wanted to be a professional photographer when she grew up. After a year of photography classes in college, she realized she would never be able to make any money at it, thus beginning a series of professions: dog groomer, Optical Technician for industrial optics, Mail Carrier and US Postal Service Management, private law library management, and finally arriving at records management. She has continued with photography for pleasure, primarily taking very pretty pictures of ugly things.


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